Bombshell Weighted Finesse Hook

the Perfect Fit and a BETTER Horizontal Drop Presentation

The Bombshell Turtle Hybrid has the perfect finesse-weighted hook to match up with the popular lure’s size and action demands. Available in 4/0 and 1/16 oz. weight, the hook fits the lure’s body well and increases hook-up ratios. The hook provides a keel-weighted center as the lure slowly descends through the strike zone – add a pegged bullet-shaped slip weight for a faster drop, heavy wind or water current conditions.

FOR BEST RESULTS: Use the Bombshell Finesse Weighted Hook, and depending on conditions, add a 1/8 – 3/8 oz. bullet-style weight pegged to the head and Texas-rigged much like standard soft-plastic baits.

Item# BWH-40116-5R
4/0 Finesse Weighted Hook, 1/16 oz. 5-pack


Bombshell Micro Jigs

Premium Weedless Jighead
for Finesse Applications and Crappie Fishing

The Bombshell Micro Jigs provide weedless jigging and a premium, super-sharp Maruto hook. 70-degree-positioned eyelet provides a unique swimming action and helps keep the jighead free from snags on rocky shoals. This combination of jig and lure will catch a wide range of panfish and crappie under multiple conditions – any time of the year! Available separately in 1/32-, 1/20- and 1/16-oz. options. 

Bombshell Micro Jigs Featuring Maruto® Hook
Hook Size 6, 5-Count Pack
1/32 oz. (BMJ-132), 1/20 oz. (BMJ-120), 1/16 oz. (BMJ-116)

Since 1892, Maruto® Hooks have continued a long tradition of producing a wide range of top-quality Japanese hooks for fresh and saltwater fishing. Innovators of some of the key advances in hook technology and manufacturing processes throughout the history of fishing – you can count on Maruto quality hooks.