Blood (G3) 1.5" Turtle Lure

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Blood (G3) 1.5" Turtle Lure


BT110-G3 - Color: Blood, 1.5" Bombshell Turtle Lure, 10 pack.

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Turtle Lure for Crappie and other Panfish

Turtles can lay hundreds of eggs in season, producing millions of hatchlings in any given body of water. If fish such as bass, crappie and other panfish didn’t eat them, turtle populations would explode!

Fact is, panfish and many gamefish feast on turtle hatchlings – not only in spring time – but throughout the developing stages of a young turtle’s life cycle. When the shell is softer and easily digestible, panfish depend on turtles just like any other food source – worms, minnows, lizards and frogs – to survive. Mother Nature uses this as a mechanism to balance numbers as turtles, in-turn, prey on fish eggs throughout their lives.

• Unique bait category for crappie fishing
• A natural bait for most game fish
• Hybrid design increases lure versatility
• Matching jig heads available
• Slim profile for moving naturally through vegetation
• Natural and proven fish-catching colors

Best Use

The Bombshell Turtle lure is best used in a finesse bait presentation, an ultra-slow, wiggle-wiggle body-shifting drop in and around vegetation that is irresistible to crappie and other panfish. It is an evolutionary-driven desire for crappie to strike turtles both as species protection (turtles eat crappie eggs during the bedding process) and as an easy meal throughout the year. Live turtles are not nature's best swimmers - the Bombshell Turtle has the perfect juvenile size, backward facing legs (like a real turtle) and natural awkward drop on a finesse-weighted or hook-only rig to fool crappie every time!

The Bombshell Micro Jigs fit the Micro Turtle perfectly, providing weedless jigging and a premium, super-sharp Maruto hook.