About the Bombshell Turtle lure

Until now, no one has created a lifelike, "fishable" soft-plastic lure like the 3” BOMBSHELL TURTLE HYBRID. History has proven that adult gamefish in both fresh and saltwater attack juvenile turtles, and this unique shape is irresistible to fish. When fish are presented with the slow fall of the turtle lure they consistently strike it aggressively.

Why a bombshell turtle fishing lure? Throughout the history of evolution bass and even saltwater species have aggressively attacked JUVENILE TURTLES in the wild. Both fresh and saltwater gamefish despise egg-raiding turtles, attacking them aggressively throughout the seasons. It’s nature’s way of balancing population shifts in the wild.

  • Unique bait category for fresh and saltwater fishing
  • A natural bait for most game fish
  • Hybrid design increases lure versatility
  • Texas-rig similar to most other soft-plastic lures
  • Slim profile for casting easily and moving naturally through vegetation
  • Natural and proven fish-catching colors

Best fished in slow finesse manner with no or little weight - mimicking the slow awkward action of a real turtle.

Sure, you can power "buzz" the turtle topwater or just below the surface to draw reactionary strikes much like you can with many other lures. But the awkward, side-to-side slow sinking action of this lure makes it unique.

The Bombshell Turtle lure is best used in a finesse bait presentation, an ultra-slow, wiggle-wiggle body-shifting drop in and around vegetation that is irresistible to big bass (see video strikes above). It is an evolutionary-driven desire for bass to strike turtles both as species protection (turtles eat bass eggs during the bedding process) and as an easy meal throughout the year. Live turtles are not nature's best swimmers - the Bombshell Turtle has the perfect juvenile size, backward facing legs (like a real turtle) and natural awkward drop on a finesse-weighted or hook-only rig to fool bass every time!

FOR BEST RESULTS: Use the Bombshell Finesse Weighted Hook.